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About College

Hyderabad-based Deccan Institution of Clinical Sciences is a well-known clinical institution that has been offering top-notch clinical training since its founding in 1985. The college was started by well-known politician and MP Asaduddin Owaisi with the intention of giving prospective students affordable and transparent clinical training. The institution is located in the heart of Hyderabad, the capital of India’s Telangana state. Hyderabad is known for its vibrant city life and thriving clinical community. The vital position of the Deccan School of Clinical Sciences enables simple access to various clinical offices and administrations for both students and educators.

Deccan School of Clinical Sciences was established in 1985 with the goal of producing capable and empathetic clinical professionals to contribute to the medical care framework. Since its inception, the institution has been committed to providing comprehensive clinical training and preparing its students. Dr. Ashfaq Hasan is the school’s Dignitary, providing guidance and authority to professors and students. Dr. Hasan is a gifted clinical master with solid intellectual and clinical credentials.

Courses Offered

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS Course

MBBS is the undergraduate medical course taught in medical college. The basic course structure includes studying of Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic medicine and Pharmacology. The MBBS undergraduate course runs for 5.5 years with a mandatory Internship training with the affiliated hospitals for the college.

Admission & Fee Structure For MBBS

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Approved ByMedical Council of India (MCI)
Ranking – Country/WorldNot found on the official website
AwardsDr. Nazia Uzma, Awarded with a Ph.D. degree in Medical Physiology by NTRUHS, Vijayawada. 2018Dr. Ashfaq Hasan Received the Best Teacher Award from the Indian Society of critical care medicine, in September 2017.Dr. Ashfaq Hasan Received the Best National Doctor award from M Ranganatha Raju Foundation, in July 2018.Dr. Ashfaq Hasan Received Certificate Of Appreciation For Contributions To The Field During 2017-19 Indian Society Of Critical Care Medicine, Hyderabad Chapter 2019 Feb 25Dr. Ashfaq Hasan Received OA SARMA GOLD MEDAL TB ASSOCIATION OF TELANGANA 2019 Jan 9
Affiliated hospitalOwaisi Hospital and Research CentreRHTCUHTC
Last Year ResultExcellent academic performance by students
Cadavers to practiceAvailable
Student/Lecturers ratioThe optimal student-to-faculty ratio for personalized attention
CoachingComprehensive coaching and mentoring programs
Quality of EducationEmphasis on practical training and clinical exposure

Infrastructure and Facilities:

Campus: Deccan College of Medical Sciences’ vast campus provides a favorable atmosphere for study and growth. It is home to cutting-edge classrooms, well-equipped labs, and superior medical facilities.

Laboratory: The facility contains modern, well-maintained laboratories where students may gain hands-on training in a number of medical specialties. These laboratories are furnished with cutting-edge equipment and instruments to enable hands-on study.

Library: With a wide collection of medical books, journals, and research papers, the college library is an information treasure trove. Students have access to internet databases and tools, allowing them to keep current on medical breakthroughs.

Clinical Rotations: Deccan College of Medical Sciences offers clinical rotations in its affiliated hospital, Owaisi Hospital, and Research Centre. This allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real healthcare setting, enhancing their practical skills and understanding.

Hospitals: Apart from the affiliated hospital, the college has tie-ups with other leading hospitals in Hyderabad, providing students with diverse clinical exposure and learning opportunities.

Hostels: Male and female students have separate hostels, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable living environment. The hostels are well-kept and provide sufficient amenities to fulfill the needs of the students.

Food: To meet the nutritional needs of the students, the college cafeteria delivers sanitary and healthy meals. The cuisine is intended to provide a balanced diet while also assuring the pupils’ general well-being.

Transportation: Deccan campus of Medical Sciences provides transportation for students and teachers, making traveling to and from the campus as easy as possible. This allows students to save time and concentrate on their academics.


The college offers scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students based on their academic performance and financial need. This enables meritorious students from all backgrounds to pursue their medical education without financial constraints.


Deccan College of Medical Sciences consistently ranks among the top medical colleges in India. Its commitment to providing quality education, well-qualified faculty, and excellent academic results contribute to its high ranking and reputation in the medical community.

Reviews of Parents/Students

  1. “I am extremely satisfied with the quality of education and training provided by Deccan College of Medical Sciences. The faculty members are highly knowledgeable and supportive, and the practical exposure is exceptional.” – Ramesh Kumar, Parent
  2. “The infrastructure and facilities at the college are top-notch. The library is well-stocked, and the laboratories are equipped with advanced instruments. The clinical rotations in affiliated hospitals have been instrumental in shaping my medical career.” – Priya Sharma, Student
  3. “The college not only focuses on academics but also encourages extracurricular activities. There are various clubs and student organizations that provide opportunities for overall personality development.” – Ananya Verma, Student


  1. Reputed Institution: Deccan College of Medical Sciences is a reputable institution noted for its strong reputation and contributions to the medical sector, making it a favored choice for ambitious medical students.
  2. Clinical Exposure and Practical Training: To ensure that students are well-prepared to cope with real-world medical challenges, the college provides extensive clinical exposure and practical training.
  3. Faculty: The school has a dedicated group of experienced and well-qualified faculty members who are committed to providing students with quality education and guidance.
  4. Affiliated Hospitals: The collaboration with Owaisi Hospital and other famous healthcare institutes provides students with a comprehensive spectrum of practical experiences.
  5. Holistic growth: The college emphasizes students’ entire growth by providing a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and student organizations to help them develop their skills and abilities.


  1. Regional Transportation: Public transportation in the region might pose challenges for students commuting to the college, especially for those residing far from the campus.
  2. Climate: For much of the year, Hyderabad enjoys hot and humid weather, which might be difficult for some students, particularly those who are not used to such circumstances.
  3. Language Barrier: Because Hyderabad lies in southern India, the local language is Telugu. Students from non-Telugu-speaking regions may have linguistic challenges at first while engaging with locals.
  4. Limited Hostel Capacity: The college’s hostel capacity might be limited, leading to potential difficulties for outstation students in securing accommodation.
  5. Intense Academic Pressure: The rigorous curriculum and high academic standards can create a demanding environment, requiring students to manage their time and cope with the workload effectively.


Is Deccan College of Medical Sciences affiliated with a recognized medical council?

Yes, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has authorized the college, assuring that the education given meets the council’s criteria.

What is the college’s student-to-faculty ratio?

The student-to-faculty ratio at the institution is optimum, guaranteeing personalized attention and good academic supervision.

Are there any scholarship opportunities for students?

Yes, scholarships and financial aid are available to qualified students based on academic performance and financial need.

Does the college provide accommodation facilities for outstation students?

Yes, the college provides separate hostels for male and female students, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment.

Are there opportunities for practical training and clinical exposure?

Yes, the college has tie-ups with affiliated hospitals where students can undergo clinical rotations, gaining practical experience under the guidance of experienced medical professionals.


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Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
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HYDERABAD – 500058.”





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