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In Manipur, India, there is a prominent educational facility platform called the Shija Academy of Health Sciences. The academy offers a wide variety of programmes and courses for aspiring healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality education and training in the sector. Shija Academy provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen healthcare careers, placing a heavy emphasis on practical learning and clinical exposure. Dr. Palin is the Chairman and Managing Director of Shija Academy who is a general and plastic surgeon. Prof. (Dr.) Maisnam Amuba Singh is the current dean of the institution. 

Students at Shija Academy of Health Sciences receive a well-rounded education that incorporates both theoretical knowledge and practical practice. The academy is home to cutting-edge buildings, such as up-to-date labs, simulation centers, and a fully functional hospital. The students receive supervision and mentoring from experienced faculty members who are specialists and practitioners in several healthcare areas throughout their educational experience. Shija Academy is dedicated to creating skilled and caring healthcare workers who can make a meaningful contribution to the industry. Academic achievement, professionalism, and ethical behavior are fostered in the academy. 

Courses Offered

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS Course

MBBS is the undergraduate medical course taught in medical college. The basic course structure includes studying of Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic medicine and Pharmacology. The MBBS undergraduate course runs for 5.5 years with a mandatory Internship training with the affiliated hospitals for the college.

Admission & Fee Structure For MBBS

For MBBS admission and fee structure 2023. Follow below guidelines.

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  • The institution provides prospective healthcare professionals with a wide selection of programmes and courses.
  • To make sure students are well-prepared for their jobs, there is a strong emphasis on practical learning and clinical exposure.
  • Contemporary facilities, such as fully-stocked hospitals, simulation centers, and modern laboratories.
  • Experienced professors who are authorities and practitioners in a range of medical specialities.
  • Dedication to professionalism, ethics, and academic excellence.
  • Shija Academy graduates are highly sought after by businesses and have a proven track record of success.
  • Gives students a well-rounded education that integrates academic theory with practical practice.
  • Create an atmosphere that encourages skill, empathy, and contribution to the healthcare industry.

Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Modern infrastructure and facilities: These top notch facilities are available at the Shija Academy of Health Sciences to provide high-quality instruction and hands-on training.
  • Practical approach: Students studying a variety of healthcare fields can gain practical learning experience at the academy’s up-to-date, well-equipped laboratories.
  • Real world experience: Students can improve their clinical abilities in a secure setting by using a simulation center that replicates real-world medical events.
  • Clinical settings: The academy’s on-campus hospital is fully operational, giving students access to clinical rotations and real-world experience.
  • Other facilities: The use of audio-visual aids, big, well-furnished lecture halls, and other features that promote successful learning are all common.
  • Library: To aid students’ academic endeavors, the library is furnished with a sizable selection of medical textbooks, reference books, research journals, and internet resources.
  • E-learning resources: Students have access to online learning resources and research databases because the campus has Wi-Fi.
  • Hostels: Students who need housing have access to hostel amenities, which guarantees a pleasant and welcoming living space.
  • Leisure: The academy also provides leisure amenities for students to unwind and participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports fields, gymnasiums, and common rooms.
  • Overall success: The entire campus is built to foster cooperation, engagement, and holistic growth to establish a favorable learning environment.


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“Shija Academy of Health Sciences’ hospital is well known for being spotless and well-run. The management and medical staff at the academy are renowned for their strength and expertise, which guarantees effective operations and high-quality medical care. The academy’s outpatient department (OPD) is well-known for offering high-quality medical care to patients seeking consultation and treatment.”

“The Shija Academy of Health Sciences is renowned for the caliber of its training and educational offerings. The setting of the school is thought to be comfortable and attractive, offering a supportive environment for education and individual development.”


Shija Academy of Health Sciences is aware of the value of financial aid in helping deserving students access high-quality education. The academy provides a variety of scholarships to help and inspire gifted people. Shija Academy of Health Sciences’ scholarship programme offers financial aid to qualified students who have been accepted into the school’s medical programmes. The programme strives to ensure that outstanding and motivated students’ pursuit of a medical career is not hampered by financial limitations.

Selected students are given financial assistance through the scholarship programme to pay all or part of their tuition costs. Depending on the unique circumstances of each applicant and the resources the academy has available, the precise financial aid provided and the length of the scholarship may change.

In addition to offering financial aid, the Shija Academy of Health Sciences’ scholarship programme honors and rewards deserving students’ commitment and hard work. Without having to worry about money, they can concentrate on their education and participate in extracurricular activities, research, and community service.


What criteria does the Shija Academy of Health Sciences use for admission?

The criteria for admission may change based on the programme. Candidates must typically have finished their 10+2 schooling with suitable science topics to be eligible for undergraduate programmes. They might also need to show up for entrance exams held by the academy or other respected organizations. A suitable bachelor’s degree and passing entrance tests are often prerequisites for postgraduate programmes. The admissions office or the academy’s official website has comprehensive information on admission requirements.

What courses does SAHS offer?

SAHS offers a range of courses in healthcare specialties like radiography, nursing, pharmacy, and medical laboratory technology.

How do I submit a SAHS admissions application?

Prospective students can apply for admission to SAHS by completing the online application form and providing the necessary paperwork.

Does SAHS have accommodations for hostels?

Yes, both male and female students may stay in hostels at SAHS. There are independent hostels with limited amenities.

What kind of clinical experience and hands-on instruction do students get?

Shija Academy of Health Sciences focuses a high priority on hands-on instruction and exposure to real-world settings. On campus, a well-equipped hospital is available to students, allowing them to take part in clinical rotations and receive practical experience in actual healthcare settings. Additionally, the academy features simulation centers where students can hone their clinical abilities in a safe setting. This blend of academic learning and hands-on experience equips students to enter the healthcare industry with confidence.

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