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Being organized is crucial when visiting foreign countries. It is important to make reservations well in advance and choose the most economical way. We recognize that students who must travel overseas on their own may be hesitant. In order to support parents and students, we help students not only be admitted to universities but also make sure they understand every stage of the process from the time they receive their offer letter to finding housing. We help with arranging flights well in advance to provide the best departure dates, routes, and deals. We assist you in choosing the best airline for extra baggage. Numerous international airlines provide exclusive offers for students, and our counselors can provide you with guidance on this.

To obtain quick services and reasonable conversion rates, We help you with reputable foreign exchange dealers. They help you with demand drafts, foreign debit cards, currency notes, and wire transactions.

Insurance: We provide unique packages (combined and at a lower rate than international prices) for medical, accident, loss, and travel insurance for students. If insurance is already covered by your tuition, you must obtain insurance from the time you start traveling until the start of the university’s insurance policy.

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