Study MBBS in Armenia

Study MBBS in Armenia

One of the noblest professions in the world is considered to be medicine. Given the prestige of the medical sciences, earning an MBBS degree necessitates a rigorous and prolonged education. Though few are chosen, the majority of students aim to pass the degree entrance exam.
Armenia has always been one of the most popular destinations for MBBS programmes. Armenia’s highly developed educational system and first-rate infrastructure provide ample opportunity for scientific study.
Currently, there are 33 private (licensed) higher education institutions in Armenia in addition to 26 public universities (four of which are foreign). University, institute, academie, and conservatory are a few of the institutions that provide higher education. Studying physics, mathematics, chemistry, microbiology, engineering, medicine, and information technology is possible in Armenia.
Armenia has a dry climate because of the mountains that is surrounded in the far north. Students will feel a little different about the climate and it will be completely different from their home country climate. On the other side, the local climate varies differently.
The language spoken by the approximately 95% Armenian people is Indo-European. The remaining people are Assyrians, Russians, Kurds, and other minorities. The majority of visitors are drawn to the city by its diverse populace. Because the nation is in a developing state with plenty of job prospects, recent grads are finding jobs there. The nation is connected via trains and buses. The country is gradually moving towards an urban, fast-paced lifestyle. However, its ancient foundations are intact and will persist for an extended period.

Why Study MBBS in Armenia?

  • The economy of Armenia is expanding quickly.
  • The Armenian universities have received approval from the World Health Organisation and the Medical Council of India.
  • In Armenian medical colleges, practical training is given far more weight than classroom education.
  • A bachelor’s degree in medicine allows students to work in any hospital, anywhere in the globe.
  • Students can apply more easily because they only need to take the NEET entrance exam.
  • The majority of Armenian universities offer dorms for students.
  • If accommodation is not available on campus, students can rent reasonably priced apartments.
  • Armenian universities have incredibly reasonable tuition.
  • Numerous Armenian colleges offer scholarships that might help students financially.

Cost of Study

Many students in Armenia choose MBBS because of the affordable tuition. Still, the standard of instruction is on par with world-class universities. Fees and other associated costs differ amongst universities. Students pay for both their education and the university’s top-notch amenities. The annual cost of attending a university often falls between Rs. 1.75 lakhs and Rs. 3 lakhs. Even though this may seem expensive to some, this is an investment in a brighter future.


For overseas students, Armenia provides both rental homes and hostels. Additionally, students can have a real flavor of Armenian culture by staying with “host families,” a system in which they are welcomed to stay by locals. Universities in America charge different amounts for apartments. Depending on where you reside, renting an apartment might cost anything from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 45,000. While food is provided for students in hostels, individuals in apartments must buy their own food. Every city has a grocery store on its corner, and several establishments offer monthly food delivery packages specifically for students.

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