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Government Medical College (GMC) Amravati, also known as Dr. Rajendra Gode Medical Institution, is a renowned medical centre in Amravati, Maharashtra, India. As one of the top healthcare facilities in Maharashtra since 1984, the college has significantly shaped both the region’s medical community and health care system. The Dr. Rajendra Gode Medical College was established by him in 1974. Early in the new millennium, Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal held the position of dean at Dr. Rajendra Gode Medical College.The establishment of the institution’s instructional programmes, infrastructure, and general expansion were all important parts of Dr. Jaiswal’s role as dean. His enthusiasm and knowledge significantly enhanced the standing and prosperity of the college.

Numerous outstanding physicians who have over the years made major contributions to the medical profession came from Dr. Rajendra Gode Medical College. To address the community’s healthcare requirements, the college will keep pursuing excellence in medical education and healthcare service delivery.


>MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)


Name of the InstituteDr Rajendra Gode Medical College, Amravati
Approved byMedical Council of India (MCI)
RankingsNot Available 
Affiliated HospitalsDr Rajendra Gode Multispeciality and General Hospital
Cadavers to PracticeYes
AwardsNot Available 
Accredited byMaharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik
Quality of EducationThe Dr Rajendra Gode Medical College in Amravati is well-known for providing its students with high-quality medical schooling. The institution is dedicated to providing an extensive and demanding curriculum that provides learners with the information and skills they need to flourish in their medical professions.
Student / Lecturer RatioNot found on the official website
CoachingAvailable in the English language

Infrastructure and Facilities

Dr Rajendra Gode Medical College, Amravati, provides a well-equipped facility and a variety of amenities to facilitate its students’ academic journey. 


The campus of the college offers cutting-edge facilities and tools to foster an enjoyable atmosphere for learning. 


The college’s laboratories include a wide range of scientific fields, including pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, anatomy, and biochemistry. These research facilities are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, enabling students to acquire practical knowledge and skills.


The college has a large library that houses a large variety of medical books, periodicals, and digital assets. Students and professors benefit from the library’s access to the most recent research and instructional materials. 


The institution provides distinct dormitories for male and female students. The hostels offer a secure as well as enjoyable living environment, with amenities such as well-furnished accommodations, study areas, leisure areas, and 24-hour security. 


In terms of food, the college has a cafeteria or mess where students may have healthy snacks and meals throughout their study hours.


Not found on the official website


“I am presently a student at Dr Rajendra Gode Medical College, and I must admit that I have had a wonderful time here.” The professors are extremely knowledgeable, personable, and committed to the achievement of our goals. The college has outstanding infrastructure, including laboratories with adequate facilities and a vast library, which have aided my studies. The institution also emphasizes research, giving students the opportunity to participate in scientific studies. Furthermore, the hostel amenities are excellent and create a favourable learning atmosphere. Overall, I am pleased to be a part of this prestigious school, and I am confident that Dr Rajendra Gode Medical College is moulding me into a skilled and caring healthcare worker.” – Rahul

“As a parent, I am extremely pleased with Dr Rajendra Gode Medical College’s education.” The curriculum at the institution is well-structured and focuses on academic achievement as well as practical training. Faculty members have extensive experience and provide a friendly atmosphere for students. With contemporary laboratories and a well-stocked library, the infrastructure and facilities are excellent. The emphasis on research, which helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, really impresses me. I am convinced that my child is receiving a high-quality education that will prepare him or her for a successful future in medicine. Dr Rajendra Gode Medical College has exceeded my expectations, and I strongly recommend it to prospective medical students and their families.” – Nihar

“Dr Rajendra Gode Medical College has been an outstanding institution for my medical studies. The learning atmosphere at the institution is lively and interesting. Faculty members are not only competent but also encourage us to succeed in our studies. The clinical experience we get at the linked hospitals is crucial since it allows us to see a wide spectrum of medical issues. The dormitory amenities are good, and the institution offers transportation, ensuring student convenience. The institution also organizes a variety of extracurricular activities in order to promote well-rounded growth. Overall, I am pleased to be a student at Dr Rajendra Gode Medical College, and I feel it is moulding me into a competent and caring healthcare worker.” – Udita


  1. What was Dr Rajendra Gode Medical Institution formerly known as?

Ans. Dr Rajendra Gode Medical Institution was formerly known as Government Medical College (GMC) Amravati,

  1. Who founded the college?

Ans. Dr. Rajendra Gode is the founder of Dr. Rajendra Gode Medical College. 

  1. Dr Jaiswal’s position as dean was critical in developing what?

Ans. Dr Jaiswal’s position as dean was critical in developing the instructional programs, facilities, and general development of the institution.

  1. The college is approved by which council?

Ans. It is approved by the Medical Council of India.

  1. Who has provided the accreditation to the college?

Ans. The college is accredited by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik.

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