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Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU) is a renowned health center located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. It became established in 1946 and has seen it become one of the main medical universities in the USA. The university is devoted to imparting first-rate schooling and generating professional healthcare specialists.  Jinzhou Medical University has a rich record spanning over 7 decades. It began to be based as Liaoning Medical School and has evolved into a complete clinical college, imparting undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral packages. Over the years, JZMU has made substantial contributions to medical research and healthcare services. 

Jinzhou Medical University is situated in Jinzhou City, which is located in the northeastern part of China. The town has a colorful surrounding and offers a serene environment for academic pursuits. With its handy transportation hyperlinks, college students can discover the cultural and historical attractions of the vicinity. Jinzhou Medical University changed into a monasterium in 1946 and has steadily grown to be a prestigious sanatorium. The college was based on the aid of Dr. Fan Xuewen, a famous medical educator and visionary leader. Dr. Fan Xuewen performed an essential role and improvement of the college. Currently, the Dean of Jinzhou Medical University is Dr. Li Zhenji, a distinguished medical professional with a wealth of revelations and information.

Courses Offered

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS Course

MBBS is the undergraduate medical course taught in medical college. The basic course structure includes studying of Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic medicine and Pharmacology. The MBBS undergraduate course runs for 5.5 years with a mandatory Internship training with the affiliated hospitals for the college.

Admission & Fee Structure For MBBS

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Approved By Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China 
Ranking Ranking 28th among all medical and pharmaceutical universities of China Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology topping 1% of ESI rankings 
Awards Recipient of several awards for its contributions to medical education and research 
Affiliated Hospital 3 directly affiliated hospitals and 6 non-directly affiliated hospitals 
Last Year Result Consistently achieving excellent academic results and producing competent medical professionals 
Accreditation Accredited by the National Medical Examination Center of China 
Cadavers Yes
Students/Lecturers Ratio – 
Coaching Comprehensive coaching and mentoring programs to support student’s academic and personal growth 
Quality of Education Jinzhou Medical University is renowned for its high-quality education, which combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.   

Infrastructure and Facilities 

  1. Campus: Jinzhou Medical University boasts a modern and well-designed campus with state-of-the-art facilities. The campus provides a comfortable and stimulating environment for learning and research. 
  1. Lab: The college has nicely-equipped laboratories that cater to the numerous needs of clinical training and research. The laboratories are geared up with contemporary instruments and technologies, permitting students to gain finger-on revel in and conducting innovative experiments. 
  1. Library: The college library houses an intensive series of clinical literature, textbooks, journals, and research papers. Students have to get admission to virtual sources and online databases, facilitating their educational hobbies and studies endeavors.
  1. Clinical Rotations: JZMU collaborates with numerous renowned hospitals, offering students valuable opportunities for clinical rotations. This practical training helps students develop essential clinical skills and gain real-world experience. 
  1. Hospitals: The university is affiliated with several prestigious hospitals, including Jinzhou Medical University Hospital, which serves as a teaching hospital. These affiliations provide students with a diverse range of medical cases and exposure to advanced medical practices. 
  1. Hostels: Jinzhou Medical University gives properly-maintained hostels for both national and global students. The hostels are ready with critical facilities and offer a safe and conducive residing environment for students. The rooms are spacious, properly supplied, and designed to ensure the consolation and privacy of the scholars. Adequate security measures are in location to ensure the protection of all citizens. 
  1. Food: The university knows the significance of offering nutritious and delicious food to its students. There are proper eating facilities on campus that provide lots of healthy and hygienic meal options. The menu caters to distinctive nutritional preferences and cultural backgrounds, making sure that scholars have to get entry to balanced meals. 
  1. Transportation: Jinzhou Medical University provides handy transportation facilities for college pupils. The campus is well-linked to public transportation networks, making it smooth for college students to journey inside the city. Additionally, the college also affords travel offerings to facilitate commuting among the campus and affiliated hospitals.


Jinzhou Medical University offers scholarships to each domestic and worldwide college student based totally on instructional benefit, monetary need, and other criteria. These scholarships are intended to assist deserving college students in their pursuit of medical education and reduce their economic burden. Students are recommended to explore the scholarship opportunities available and follow as a result.


Ranking Ranking 28th among all medical and pharmaceutical universities of China Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology topping 1% of ESI rankings 


Review 1: 

“My daughter is presently studying at Jinzhou Medical University, and we could not be happier together with her. The university affords brilliant schooling and realistic schooling opportunities. The professors are knowledgeable and supportive, and the centers are pinnacle-notch. We are confident that she is receiving great clinical training.” 

Review 2: 

“As a worldwide pupil, I chose Jinzhou Medical University for its recognition and satisfactory schooling. I have been inspired by the college’s information and determination to teach. The college offers a multicultural environment and has made me feel welcome. The scientific rotations in affiliated hospitals have been useful in enhancing my sensible capabilities.” 

Review 3: 

“My son is in his very last year at Jinzhou Medical University, and I have seen an incredible increase in his information and confidence. The college’s emphasis on sensible education, including getting the right of entry to cadavers for practice, has greatly benefited his knowledge of human anatomy. The campus facilities and hostels are well-maintained, ensuring a cushy dwelling revel in. We are thankful for the opportunities JZMU has supplied.”


Is Jinzhou Medical University recognized by the government? 

Yes, Jinzhou Medical University is approved by the Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China. 

What is the students-to-lecturers ratio at JZMU? 

The university maintains a favorable student-to-lecturers ratio, ensuring personalized attention and effective academic guidance. 

Are there coaching programs available for students? 

Yes, Jinzhou Medical University provides comprehensive coaching and mentoring programs to support student’s academic and personal growth. 

Can international students apply for scholarships? 

Yes, Jinzhou Medical University offers scholarships to both domestic and international students based on various criteria, including academic merit and financial need. 

How is the quality of education at JZMU? 

The university is famous for its outstanding education, which combines theoretical expertise with realistic competencies. The emphasis on medical rotations and realistic schooling guarantees that students are properly prepared for their destiny careers in medication.

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