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The Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences Karwar (KIMS Karwar) was established in 2016 and has quickly become one of Karnataka’s most prestigious medical schools.

Medical, surgical, pediatric, orthopedic, dermatological, psychological, radiological, therapeutic, and forensic services are just some of the clinical structures accessible at this 400-bed facility. In Karnataka, at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Health, you’ll find a School of Medicine with which to study. Karwar Institute of Medical Science is located at MG Rd, Kodibag, Karwar, Karnataka 581301. Shivanand Dodamani is the current dean of the college. 


Approved ByNMC
Ranking All India Ranking: 259Karnataka State Ranking: 32
Affiliated HospitalKarwar Institute of Medical Science Hospital
Cadavers to PracticeYes
Students/Lecturers RatioGood
CoachingClinical instruction and practice in prestigious hospitals
Quality of EducationHigh-quality education

Infrastructure and Facilities

  1. Campus: There is a single restaurant on campus, a hospital right in front of the institution, separate dorms for women and men, and housing for college employees. 
  2. Library: The college library is open to all students.
  3. Hospitals: Each hospital has its OPD wing, and each university campus has its Demo room, Common rooms, Laboratory, Skill Lobby, and Computer Lab.
  4. Hostels: Water and electricity are always available with no breaks. The rooms are created with custom woodwork already inside. There are enough restrooms for the hostel guests. The hostel provides various entertainment options, such as television, indoor games, a newspaper, and more. Food at the hostel is both healthy and delicious. In addition, a spacious eating area has been prepared.
  5. Food: The college cafeteria is available for students and staff to use during lunch.
  6. Transportation: For a small fee, college buses will carry you wherever in the city, which is incredibly helpful for students and faculty. Medical facilities and clinics are accessible through supplied transportation for clinical rotations.


The Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences, Karwar, will be able to provide financial aid for the next academic year (2023-24) in several departments.  


  • All India Ranking: 259
  • Karnataka State Ranking: 32


“We have set up good clinical postings. The whole spectrum of theoretical and practical understanding is provided. The University administers exams twice a year, at the midpoint and the conclusion of the academic year. No, on-campus jobs only. Since it’s a Doctorate in Medicine, In contrast, hospital admissions are handled on-campus. After a 4.5-year degree program, candidates must do an internship. Since a campus placement is not often expected of medical students, the institution does not provide any. Every student must complete a 12-month internship before they may graduate—clinical training at a hospital under the supervision of more experienced physicians.”

“Because it is a brand-new university, there is no established alumni network. This University has never had a graduating class. The first cohort to graduate from the University has done so. I chose mbbs since becoming a doctor is highly respected in India. The NEET UG exam merit list determines who gets admitted to the institution. The federal government and each state each appoint one council member. All India Quota students will fill the remaining 15% of available seats. MBA graduates have the same job prospects as MDs. It’s pretty easy. Internships are required of all students. We’ll have the exact figure by the time our 2021 internship is complete. But sure, from what I’ve heard, it’s a fantastic adventure. One of the few commemorated events is Sports Day, which is Cultural Day and Ganeshotsava. Despite the scant resources available, the students and faculty of FE pulled together a successful and enjoyable event. Because it is a public university, it is affordable.”

“The subsequent batches will see an increase. The cost of a private room is small. The professors here are top-notch. Extremely competent and knowledgeable. This is a demanding course that requires a lot of effort. Services like ophthalmology and surgery are excellent. The University’s location, closer to the shore, is a definite plus. Having a competent faculty is also a plus. Because of its affiliation with RGUHS, the institution follows its curriculum. Two top scores from the three midterms you take leading up to the final exam will count toward your overall grade. RGUHS material will be used for the exam.”


  • The University should count its blessings that it has such brilliant educators on staff.


  • Due to the school’s remote location, students have limited extracurricular activities and social interaction opportunities.


Location / Contact

College Name
Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences
Courses Offered
All India Ranking 259

Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences,
NH-17, Karwar – 581301,
Karnataka, India





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