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The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China’s Yinchuan City is home to the public Ningxia Medical University (NXMU). NXMU has become a preeminent medical institution in the nation thanks to its reputation for excellence in medical teaching and research. The university, which has a long and illustrious history, has continually worked to develop exceptional medical professionals and promote healthcare.

A thorough and demanding academic programme that combines theoretical knowledge with practical training is offered to students at NXMU. The Ningxia Medical University campus offers a favourable setting for education and personal development. It has cutting-edge amenities, contemporary labs, and specialised research centres that encourage innovation and discovery. The institution also actively supports international partnerships and exchange programmes, giving students and staff the chance to interact with academics from other countries and extend their perspectives on the world.

Ningxia Medical University has established itself as a prestigious institution in the medical profession thanks to its constant dedication to academic quality, scientific advancement, and community involvement. NXMU is essential to improve healthcare outcomes locally and internationally by training caring healthcare professionals and carrying out significant research.

Courses Offered

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS Course

MBBS is the undergraduate medical course taught in medical college. The basic course structure includes studying of Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic medicine and Pharmacology. The MBBS undergraduate course runs for 5.5 years with a mandatory Internship training with the affiliated hospitals for the college.

Admission & Fee Structure For MBBS

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1. Strong academic offerings: With access to hospitals and clinics right on campus, the university places a significant emphasis on practical instruction.

2. Concentration on research: The university has several research institutions and centers, with a concentration on cerebro cardiovascular illness and brain research in particular. The university also works on research projects with domestic and foreign organizations.

3. International collaborations: The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the University of Alberta in Canada are two institutions and organizations with which Ningxia Medical University maintains partnerships. 

Infrastructure and Facilities

Here are some noteworthy aspects of the university’s facilities and infrastructure:

  • The campus of Ningxia Medical University is up-to-date and well-equipped, offering a welcoming setting for instruction and research.  
  • Modern technology and equipment are available in these facilities to support students’ practical training and hands-on learning.
  • For students, professors, and visitors, the campus is conveniently accessible due to its excellent transit connections.
  • Through specialized innovation and entrepreneurship centers, the institution fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and assists students with their research projects and startup endeavors.
  • NXMU places a strong emphasis on globalization and has forged alliances with universities and research organizations throughout the world, providing chances for global exchange programmes and collaborative research initiatives.


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“The university provides a favorable and encouraging environment that encourages learning and personal development. The state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure give students the tools they need to succeed in their academic endeavors. Additionally, the university’s dedication to academic achievement ensures that students receive a top-notch education that will prepare them for successful jobs in the medical industry.”

“Ningxia Medical University has been a fantastic location for me to further my dental studies. The university’s top-notch facilities, which include contemporary labs and clinics, have given me first-hand experience caring for patients.”


An extensive scholarship programme is made available by Ningxia Medical University to help both domestic and foreign students succeed academically. The goal of the scholarship programme is to reward and recognise exceptional academic accomplishment by giving scholarships to deserving students. To meet varied needs and academic levels, the institution offers a variety of scholarships, including full and partial scholarships.

A scholarship from Ningxia Medical University gives recognition and chances for both professional and personal growth in addition to financial assistance. Without the stress of financial limitations, it helps students to concentrate on their studies and actively engage in their field of study. Additionally, scholarship recipients could get access to extra perks including research opportunities, mentorship programmes, and participation in exclusive conferences.

The Ningxia Medical University scholarship programme exemplifies the school’s dedication to academic excellence and equal access to higher education. It inspires and motivates students to pursue greatness and make a positive impact in their fields of study. As a result, the scholarship programme is essential in luring and fostering gifted students, helping to create a varied and active academic community at the university.

A few of the scholarships offered by Ningxia Medical University are listed below:

  1. Ningxia Government Scholarship: The Ningxia government offers this scholarship to domestic and foreign students who exhibit academic distinction and financial need. The scholarship pays for both living expenses and tuition.
  2. Excellent International Students Scholarship: Ningxia Medical University offers this scholarship to foreign students who exhibit academic achievement and have a strong desire to attend the university. The scholarship pays for both living expenses and tuition.


What courses does Ningxia Medical University offer?

The undergraduate and graduate programmes in medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and traditional Chinese medicine are all offered at Ningxia Medical University.

What language is spoken in classes at Ningxia Medical University?

Chinese is the medium of instruction at Ningxia Medical University. For international students, several programmes may offer courses in English.

Are there any possibilities for accommodation for students on campus?

Yes, both domestic and foreign students can live on campus at Ningxia Medical University. The university has separate dorms with contemporary amenities for male and female students.

Where is Ningxia Medical University located?

The institution currently occupies 1700 mu (including Yanhu Campus and Shuangyi Campus), has a construction area of 293,200 square meters, and has total assets of approximately 1.2 billion Yuan.

Are there chances for internships or international exchanges?

Yes, Ningxia Medical University supports global exchange and gives students the chance to take part in exchange programmes with international partners. The university also collaborates with well-known hospitals and healthcare organizations, giving students chances for internships and hands-on training in actual healthcare environments.

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