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In Mysore, Karnataka, India, the Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute is a prominent medical facility. The institution, which was established to provide top-notch medical education and state-of-the-art healthcare services, has become well-known in the region. Due to its wide selection of undergraduate and graduate programmes in several subjects, the medical institution attracts students from all across the country.

It has a group of exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable faculty members who are committed to providing the students with thorough medical education and training. Modern facilities and laboratories are available at the university to promote a favorable learning environment.

The hospital connected to Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College functions as a tertiary care facility, meeting the medical requirements of the surrounding area and beyond. It houses numerous speciality sections and is furnished with cutting-edge medical tools and technology. The hospital’s committed medical staff and staff members aim for excellence in patient care and medical outcomes while offering compassionate care. Additionally, the medical college’s research institute fosters original thought and scientific investigation to increase medical understanding and practice.

Courses Offered

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS Course

MBBS is the undergraduate medical course taught in medical college. The basic course structure includes studying of Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic medicine and Pharmacology. The MBBS undergraduate course runs for 5.5 years with a mandatory Internship training with the affiliated hospitals for the college.

Admission & Fee Structure For MBBS

For MBBS admission and fee structure 2023. Follow below guidelines.

Step 1: Go to
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Step 3: In the prompted list of colleges select your preferred medical college. Double check the college name, city and state to be confirmed of the preferred college.
Step 4: Click on Contact next to know more details about the college and also apply and get Fee structure and College Brochure
Step 5: In the popped-up Application select what category are you looking for – Management quote or – government quota
Step 6: Enter your Full name. Check and ensure that your spelling is correct.
Step 7: Choose your expected NEET marks in 2023 NEET exam
Step 8: From the drop-down list select your community in the category
Step 9: Next provide your state, city details in the form.
Step 10: Input your 10-digit mobile number to receive updates, notifications and if you need more details. Please Check and ensure that your phone number is correct.
Step 11: Select Fees structure for 2023 and Brochure 2023 PDFs to be sent to your email.
Step 12: You will receive a Thank You message and will also get a call from an experienced college Student Counsellor for admission & fee structures information.


  • Medical Education of the Highest Quality: Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute is renowned for its dedication to offering medical education of the highest quality. The college provides comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in many medical fields with a staff of knowledgeable and committed faculty members.
  • Advanced Healthcare Services: The medical college’s hospital is a premier healthcare facility in the area. It offers advanced healthcare services and specializes in several medical disciplines. It is outfitted with cutting-edge facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment. The hospital’s committed medical staff guarantees the provision of caring, patient-centered treatment.
  • Research and Innovation: The institution’s research institute supports academic medical research and technological innovation. It motivates faculty members, students, and researchers to investigate fresh directions in medical research and make contributions to improvements in healthcare methods. This emphasis on research supports the institution’s culture of ongoing learning and improvement.
  • Impact on Community: Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute significantly contributes to meeting the healthcare requirements of the neighborhood. It fulfills the role of a primary healthcare provider by offering nearby residents easily accessible and reasonably priced medical care. To encourage preventative healthcare and improve the general well-being of the community, the institution regularly runs health fairs and awareness campaigns.

Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Modern Hospital amenities: To offer complete medical care, the hospital connected to the institution is outfitted with modern amenities. Emergency services, intensive care units, operating rooms, diagnostic imaging centers, and cutting-edge pathology and microbiology laboratories are among the specialized divisions it houses. The hospital’s infrastructure ensures that healthcare services are delivered effectively and supports precise diagnosis and treatment.
  • Facilities for Research: The organization is dedicated to promoting a culture of research and innovation. It offers specialized research resources and facilities to help academic and medical investigations. The research center offers chances for collaboration with renowned research organizations and universities, as well as access to libraries with a wealth of research literature.
  • Residential and Hostel amenities: Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute offers its students cozy, well-kept hostel amenities. The hostels are built to provide necessary amenities including roomy rooms, study spaces, amusement areas, and round-the-clock security while also fostering a comfortable living atmosphere. For a convenient work-life balance, the university also provides residential facilities for academics and staff.


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“A premier institution in Mysore is Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute. This institution offers top-notch medical education from supportive and skilled faculty. The hospital has excellent facilities, the newest technology, and qualified personnel working there. This hospital has provided me with exceptional care, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for top-notch medical attention.”

“The facility and amenities at Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute are really impressive. The facility is beautifully constructed, with large classrooms and contemporary labs. Modern medical technology in the hospital ensures precise diagnoses and efficient treatment.”

“The Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute is a fantastic place to work, in my experience as a faculty member there. Excellent research facilities are offered by the institution, which promotes creativity and academic advancement. The school facilities are amazing, and the administration provides excellent care for the workers and students. It’s a fantastic setting for education and career advancement. I’m honored to work with this organization.” – Ravi Kumar

“One of the top hospitals in the area is the Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute. The hospital staff is skilled and kind, providing top-notch medical care. The facilities are modern and well-kept, providing patients with a warm and comfortable environment. The facility also frequently engages the community through health fairs and awareness programmes. This hospital has given me good service, and I heartily recommend it.”


A variety of scholarships are available from Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute to help qualified students succeed academically. These awards seek to remove financial obstacles and guarantee that students may obtain a top-notch medical education. Scholarships based on academic success are given to students who performed exceptionally well on their prior qualifying exams. To support students from economically underprivileged families in continuing their studies without financial stress, the university also awards need-based scholarships to them.

Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute also supports students in obtaining government financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Only qualified students who fulfill specified prerequisites are eligible for these scholarships, which are offered by several governmental organizations. In order to apply for scholarships that support inclusivity and diversity, minority students might get assistance from the university.

Prospective students are advised to contact the admissions or financial aid offices to acquire detailed information on the scholarships available, including eligibility requirements, application procedures, and deadlines. Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute hopes to provide students with equitable opportunities to complete their medical studies and realize their career aspirations by providing these scholarships.


Does Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute offer postgraduate courses?

Yes, the institute provides a variety of postgraduate medical courses, including MD and MS programs in several specializations.

Are there research facilities at Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute?

Yes, the institution supports medical research in fields like clinical trials, academic studies, and technological advances in healthcare. It also has research facilities.

In what location is the Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute?

In the Indian state of Karnataka, the institute is situated in Maralur, close to Davangere.

Do students at Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute have access to any scholarships?

Yes, scholarships are available to meritorious students through Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute. These scholarships range from merit-based awards for exceptional academic achievement to need-based grants for students from low-income families and grants for underrepresented groups. The institution also aids students in obtaining financial help and government scholarships. To obtain comprehensive information about the scholarships available, eligibility requirements, and application processes, prospective students are urged to get in touch with the admissions or financial aid office.

What academic institution is associated with Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research Institute?

The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, is indeed associated with the institute.

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Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College & Research Institute
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Channapatna Taluk,
Ramanagara District -562160″





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