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In Allahabad, there is a prominent medical facility called the United Institute of Medical Sciences (UIMS). UIMS has established itself as a preeminent center for medical studies in the region thanks to its dedication to offering top-notch healthcare education and training. MBBS, MD, MS, and several diploma programmes are among the undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the institute.

The faculty of UIMS is made up of highly skilled physicians and other healthcare professionals who are committed to educating students in all facets of medicine. Modern infrastructure and laboratories are available at the institute to support practical training and research operations. Strong focus is placed on clinical exposure at UIMS, and rotations and internships in its linked hospitals help students get practical experience. Gaurav Gulati is the vice president of the institution. 

The emphasis of UIMS goes beyond academics. By offering possibilities for extracurricular activities and encouraging a supportive learning atmosphere, the institute supports the holistic development of its students. UIMS actively promotes research projects and partnerships with domestic and foreign medical organizations, allowing staff members and students to contribute to medical sector improvements.

In general, the United Institute of Medical Sciences, Allahabad, works to develop compassionate and skilful healthcare workers who can effectively contribute to the medical community and have a beneficial influence on society.

Courses Offered

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS Course

MBBS is the undergraduate medical course taught in medical college. The basic course structure includes studying of Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic medicine and Pharmacology. The MBBS undergraduate course runs for 5.5 years with a mandatory Internship training with the affiliated hospitals for the college.

Admission & Fee Structure For MBBS

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LocationAllahabad, India
Programs offeredMBBS, MD, MS, diploma courses
FacultyHighly qualified and experienced doctors and medical professionals
InfrastructureState-of-the-art facilities and modern laboratories
Clinical exposureExtensive rotations and internships in affiliated hospitals
Extracurricular activitiesOpportunities for holistic development
Research initiativesEncouragement for research and collaborations with national and international medical institutions
Commitment to quality educationFocus on imparting comprehensive medical knowledge
Supportive learning environmentFostering a conducive atmosphere for learning and growth
Impact on societyProducing skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals contributing to the medical fraternity

Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Infrastructure: To support medical education and research, UIMS has a cutting-edge campus with sophisticated amenities. The institute contains modern laboratories, well-designed lecture halls, and areas specifically designated for hands-on instruction and skill improvement.
  • Well-equipped Laboratories: UIMS offers several well-equipped labs that can accommodate different medical science specialities. Students can gain practical experience in a variety of disciplines, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, and more, in these labs.
  • Library Resources: The institute has a sizable library that faculty members and students can use as a resource. It is simple to find pertinent information thanks to the library’s well-stocked collection of medical textbooks, reference books, periodicals, research papers, and online databases.
  • Hospital affiliations: UIMS has connections to reputable medical facilities, giving students access to a wealth of clinical experiences. These hospital connections provide a variety of patients and medical issues, enabling students to put their classroom learning to use in real-world situations and acquire hands-on experience under the supervision of skilled medical professionals.
  • Advanced Medical Equipment: UIMS is aware of how critical it is to stay current with medical technology. To enable hands-on instruction in diagnostic tests, surgical techniques, and other medical treatments and to ensure that students are adequately equipped for the demands of the healthcare business, the institute makes investments in contemporary medical equipment and tools.
  • Facilities on campus and in the dorms are both comfortable, and UIMS offers separate quarters for male and female students. The campus also provides a variety of amenities like a cafeteria, sporting venues, outdoor recreation areas, and a space specifically designated for extracurricular activities, developing an environment that is favorable for overall growth.


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“The United Institute of Medical Sciences infrastructure and facilities have surpassed my expectations. The facility is thoughtfully planned and furnished with contemporary amenities that facilitate both academic study and hands-on training. My comprehension and practical experience in a variety of medical disciplines have been significantly improved by the well-equipped laboratories and access to cutting-edge medical technology. The substantial library resources give users access to a sizable collection of medical publications. Overall, I’m really happy with the services and infrastructure that UIMS has offered.”

“The United Institute of Medical Sciences places a high emphasis on clinical exposure, which is one of its distinguishing characteristics. My connections to reputable hospitals have given me priceless opportunities to witness and take part in actual medical cases. My abilities and self-assurance as a future healthcare practitioner have significantly improved thanks to hospital-based training. Throughout these clinical rotations, the advice and mentorship I received from practising physicians were crucial to my development as a medical student. I am appreciative of UIMS’ substantial clinical exposure.”

“The United Institute of Medical Sciences provides a nurturing environment for study that promotes holistic growth. The professors’ commitment to teaching is clear, and they have a wealth of expertise and experience. The institute supports extracurricular activities and offers plenty of chances for students to participate in athletics, cultural activities, and volunteer work. This all-encompassing approach to education has aided in my growth not only as a medical expert but also as a well-rounded person. I sincerely value UIMS’ focus on holistic development.”


Scholarships are essential for expanding educational opportunities and honoring academic success. The United Institute of Medical Sciences, Allahabad, recognises the value of offering scholarships to eligible students and provides a number of them. No matter their financial situation, these scholarships seek to support and inspire students to continue their education in medicine.

Scholarships based on merit are available from UIMS to students who have excelled in their academic studies. These scholarships are given based on several factors, including academic success, performance on entrance exams, and overall academic standing. In addition to offering financial support, these scholarships honor the students’ commitment and hard work.

Additionally, students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds may be eligible for scholarships offered by UIMS. These need-based awards are intended to help students who might experience financial difficulties while pursuing their medical degree. By offering financial aid to these students, UIMS makes sure that students are not constrained by obstacles related to money and may concentrate on their studies without being overly stressed about money.

There may be partnerships between UIMS and other groups, government programmes, or philanthropic foundations that provide scholarships just for medical students. Specific eligibility requirements for these scholarships could include belonging to a particular group or fulfilling certain socioeconomic requirements. To help its students take advantage of the available financial aid, UIMS works to locate and inform them about various scholarship options.

Overall, at the United Institute of Medical Sciences, scholarships are a critical component of increasing access to medical education and assisting deserving students in their academic endeavors. UIMS makes sure that students can pursue their aspirations of becoming healthcare professionals regardless of their financial situation by providing a variety of scholarships.


What courses are offered by the United Institute of Medical Sciences?

UIMS provides postgraduate programs like the MD and MS in addition to undergraduate programs like the MBBS. They also provide several diploma programs.

Does UIMS offer accommodations for students staying in hostels?

A pleasant living atmosphere on campus is guaranteed by the comfortable hostel facilities that UIMS offers to both male and female students.

Do students have the chance to gain clinical experience while they are studying?

Definitely! To give students practical experience in actual medical settings, UIMS places a strong emphasis on clinical exposure and offers extensive rotations and internships in connected hospitals.

Do you offer scholarships at UIMS?

UIMS does provide merit-based scholarships, and there may also be need-based scholarships available. At the institute, students can ask questions regarding the various scholarship opportunities and requirements.

What kind of facilities and infrastructure does UIMS have?

To support practical training and research, UIMS has a cutting-edge infrastructure that includes modern lecture halls, well-stocked laboratories, a sizable library, and access to cutting-edge medical equipment.

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