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A higher education institution directly under the control of the Jiangsu Provincial Government, the Xuzhou Medical University is located in the historical importance of the cultural city of Xuzhou, in the Jiangsu Province which is less than three hours by train from both Shanghai and Shanghai. Since the foundation of Xuzhou Medical university in 1958, it has developed into the hub for medical education, care, and research in the northern part of the Province of Jiangsu and the entire Economic Zone of Huaihai. 

It also has unique educational characteristics and is an independent larger medical institution. The college has consistently been ranking in the top fifty of the nation’s best medical universities and colleges since 2001. XZMU received an “Excellence” in the 2005 “Undergraduate Course Teaching Level Assessment from the Ministry of Education” exam. International students’ studies at XZMU started after 2004. 2013 saw the successful ownership of XZMU’s PhD degree-granting authority. Professor Zhang Zhuoqi is the current dean of the college. 

There are basically 3 main campuses at XZMU, and the second Main Campus extension project is operational. There are more than 35 affiliated clinical schools and hospitals with top-notch clinical teaching foundations (two are directly under the college’s administration). With its study programs continuously growing further, school strength improving, and school characteristics becoming distinctive, the university has made tremendous efforts to enhance continuously in a constant manner and has created significant medical figures for society.


Type Public
Motto in EnglishTo practice medicine with morality, to study extensively, and innovate actively.
PresidentWu Yongping
LocationXuzhou, Jiangsu, China
CampusUrban area

Infrastructure and Facilities

  1. Campus: The main campus is located at No 209, Tongshan Road, Xiaozhou City, China. 
  1. Clinical rotation: The students are required to take a 1-year internship after five years of theoretical study to improve their practical medical skills. 
  1. Labs: The university has several research centers, including the Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Medical Science and the Laboratory of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.
  1. Library: Xuzhou Medical College Library is a Public library at Yunlong District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu  221004, CN.
  1. Hostel: Xuzhou Medical College provides room for accommodation for international students. There are double-sharing rooms available. 
  1. Hospital: The Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University


There are different types of scholarships available. Some of them offered by the University are mentioned below:

  1. First Class Scholarship: The First Class Scholarship covers about full tuition scholarship.
  1. Second Class Scholarship: The Second Class Scholarship covers about half of the tuition scholarship.
  1. Third Class Scholarship: It covers around one-fourth of the tuition scholarship.


My child’s Xuzhou Medical University experience was great. Faculty and staff are passionate about medicine and devoted to student achievement. I can witness my child’s progress as a student and future healthcare professional. Xuzhou Medical University will educate students for a rewarding medical profession.

Xuzhou Medical University Parent Jane Lee

Xuzhou Medical University’s curriculum impresses me. The teachers are kind and encourage us to pursue medical interests. Practical experience at the institution has given me the abilities I’ll need. Modern and well-equipped, the campus offers research and extracurricular possibilities. Xuzhou Medical University will prepare me for success in my career.

— XMU Student David Zhang

Xuzhou Medical University was excellent. The instructors are skilled and love teaching. They encourage critical thinking and medical advancements. I’ve been able to research and develop experience thanks to the university’s enormous library and cutting-edge labs. Beautiful and hospitable, the campus offers many possibilities to socialize and participate in extracurriculars. Xuzhou Medical University will help me succeed in medicine.

— Sarah Chen, Xuzhou Medical University Graduate Student


Which time shall I apply for the course?

For particular dates, see the current entrance brochure of the website. The university website, or the online application system’s News List, will announce any extensions or changes.

How will I apply for the online application?

Online applications are required. Students must create a username and email IDs and upload all relevant papers on the website. Physical copies are  not necessary though.

What is the application fee for the admission?

There is no cost for application. But, pre-enrolled students who got the pre admission (E) offer must pay a non-refundable fee deposit for admission (partial tuition payments) to reserve their seats and complete the admission process.

Do scholarships require pre-admission deposits?

Despite a full-tuition scholarship, you must pay the fee deposits on time. Scholarships and fees are different.

When can I expect my session to start?

They offer autumn and spring admission for degree and non-degree programs. After receiving your admission offer, contact the student relations office for new student registration time.


Location / Contact

College Name
Xuzhou Medical University
Courses Offered

No. 209 Tongshan Road, XuzhouCity, Jiangsu Province, China





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