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The Medical School of Zhengzhou University offers various bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs in China.

The school has extensive facilities and equipment to support its education and research activities, including modern laboratories, libraries, hospitals, and accommodation facilities on campus.

Some programs offered include Clinical Medicine, Basic Medical, Sciences, Public Health, Stomatology, Nursing, Pharmacy, and many more.


Name of InstituteZhengzhou University Medical School
Approved byChina Ministry of Education
RankingsThe rank of Zhengzhou University is 1,147. 
Affiliated hospitalsJianshe E Rd, Erqi District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Cadavers to practiceUses cadavers for practicing anatomy and invasive procedures
Awards7 National Awards for Science and Technology Advancement (including one science award), 1 National Technological Invention Award, and 2 National Natural Science Awards
Accredited byChina Ministry of Education

Infrastructure and Facilities

  1. Campus: The School of Pharmacy is located on the main Zhengzhou University campus. The campus covers a vast area and has modern facilities and infrastructure.
  1. Laboratories: The school has advanced laboratories for pharmacy research and teaching, including the following
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab
  • Pharmaceutics Lab
  • Pharmacology Lab
  • Immunology Lab
  • Medicinal Chemistry Lab
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Lab
  1. Library: The school library has many volumes of books and periodicals related to pharmacy and medicine.
  1. Student services: The university provides a range of student services, including the following:
  • Accommodation
  • Medical services
  • Sports facilities
  • Psychological counseling
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Job placement assistance
  1. Clinical rotations: Pharmacy students undergo clinical rotations at affiliated hospitals to gain practical experience in hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, and clinical pharmacy.
  1. Student life: The university organizes various sports, art, and cultural events and student competitions yearly.


The university and the School of Pharmacy offer various merit-based and need-based scholarships for undergraduate and graduate pharmacy students.


“Zhengzhou University Medical School was excellent. I was delighted by the program’s curriculum and student support as a parent. Faculty were informed and committed to student achievement. The campus was clean and accessible. My kid received excellent clinical training and research possibilities. I suggest this curriculum to anybody interested in medicine.”

— Karen Lee, Parent of Zhengzhou University Medical School Student

“As a medical student at Zhengzhou University, I find the curriculum difficult and gratifying. The curriculum is challenging, but lecturers are always eager to assist. State-of-the-art amenities and a lovely environment. My research and clinical expertise have proven useful. Though the workload might be demanding, it’s worth it. This school will prepare me for a remarkable medical career.”

Zhengzhou Medical School Student Jessica Chen

“Zhengzhou University Medical School was a mixed bag. The program and lecturers were good, but the content needed to be updated. The campus needed more facilities and extracurriculars. I appreciated the research and clinical experience. The program was excellent but could have been better. I suggest it to anybody who wants a good medical education but is prepared to work hard.”

— 2020 Zhengzhou University Medical School graduate David Kim


I want to study at your university but can’t speak Chinese. Can I be instructed in English? 

The program is a fully English medium program.

What is the living standard in Zhengzhou City University canteen? 

Food costs $150 per month here. Heyuan, Liuyuan, Juyuan, and Songyuan are Zhengzhou University School of Medicine gardens with canteens. Air-conditioned canteens provide rice and wheat dishes and have TVs—a hot pot cafeteria. Muslim canteens serve international students.

How can I go to the University city of Zhengzhou?

If there is no direct flight to Zhengzhou, the recommended flight is transit from Beijing (around 1 hour and 45 minutes), Shanghai (2 hours), Guangzhou (2 hours and 20 minutes), or Hongkong (2.5 hours). International students may travel by their location.

Will the university send a vehicle to take us from the local airport to the University?

The university can take groups of international students from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Foreign Airport to campus. Students should provide the college representative with a precise departure plan at least three days in advance so the institution can pick them up on time.

How can I convert Chinese yuan for pocket money after arriving in China? 

When they arrive in China, students may exchange banknotes for shuttle/bus tickets and pocket money at the main international airport. Students may purchase phone cards at the airport’s business counter to make international and domestic calls.


Location / Contact

College Name
Zhengzhou Medical University
Courses Offered

No.100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province P.R.China, Postcode: 450001





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