Guide to Selecting Best Medical Colleges Outside Of India

GUIDE to selecting the best medical colleges outside of India

The most challenging task after clearing the NEET exam is selecting the best medical college. Choosing the best medical college abroad is an even more difficult task. Here we will see how to choose the best medical college outside of India.

Choosing the right medical college abroad will have a huge influence on your medical career. There are certain factors to be considered before choosing the right medical college abroad.

Factors to have in mind

1 . Confirm the Accreditation and Recognition

It is very important to confirm the college’s accreditation and recognition, before enrolling for your MBBS programme. Make sure to check that the college is recognized by the appropriate medical organizations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Medical Council of India(MCI), and importantly by the medical authorities of the nation where you have planned to do your MBBS course.

2 . Assess the curriculum and teaching techniques

Check for the curriculum and teaching techniques of your selected MBBS college. These two are the most important of all to have in mind when you choose a medical college abroad. Have a complete check about the up-to-date program of the academic course, clinical experience, and practical training provided by the college. Double-check whether the college uses the latest teaching techniques and current approaches for the course.

3 . Infrastructure and Faculty

Have a look into the experience and credentials of the faculty members of the MMBS college which will be available on the college’s official website. Competent and experienced faculties help the students with vital assistance and provide great mentorship throughout the course of your medical path. Examine the complete college infrastructure and amenities, such as libraries, well-equipped laboratories, clinics, and in-house room facilities. A peaceful environment along with modern facilities will help you to concentrate and succeed during the course.

4 . Clinical exposure and Internship opportunities

Clinical exposure is very critical for developing your practical abilities as a doctor. A piece of practical knowledge in the medical field will help you to understand in a much easier way and will help you handle patients in the future. Exposure to many medical specializations and a wide range of clinical scenarios will enrich your knowledge of learning and will get you prepared for your real-world medical practice. Get to know about the healthcare institutions and hospitals for clinical training that are in tie up with the medical college you have chosen. Internships have been mandatory for students who are pursuing their MBBS courses.

5 . Budget and Scholarships

Have a complete study of the cost of education, which should include the living expenses, tuition fees, and other charges of the college during the course of the study. Compare the budget expenses with the various college in the same country that you wish to study and also check for the scholarships available in the colleges and their rules and regulations. Get to know about the criteria for the scholarship and check whether you are eligible for the scholarship. Check for the financial help available for the students who study overseas. The cost of studying MBBS varies between countries and in some of the countries it is very affordable, such as Russia and Ukraine.

6 . Placement assistance and location

A robust alumni network will help you with useful contacts, lucrative employment prospects, and guidance. The reputation and success record of the alumni will help you understand the standard of college performance and its result. The college’s placement help services track records will give you a clear idea about the placement over the years. Location is another considerable factor when you wanted to study MBBS abroad. Some wanted to study in a place where it is similar to their home place and some wanted to gain some experience in a different type of climate. It is very necessary to choose a place which will suit you during the course of the study, including the climate, food habits, etc.

7 . Speak with the current students

Having a word with the current students of the college is the best way to know about the college. Get to know about the standard of education, the advantages and disadvantages of attending college, and about their teaching techniques. Double-check the visa requirements for the nation where you wanted to study, some nations follow strict visa requirements when compared to other countries.


Careful and necessary evaluation is very important when choosing an MBBS college abroad. Factors such as curriculum, accreditation, facilities, faculty, location and placement assistance are to be considered when selecting your college.

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