Selecting the medical college your friend or relative is already studying

Selecting the medical college your friend or relative is already studying

The dream of studying medicine is half-crossed once you have cleared the NEET exam. Now the biggest of all tasks is to select the right medical college for you. There are several criteria for selecting the best medical college and the best is by choosing it from your friend or relative who is pursuing their course in a particular medical college.
There are several factors to be considered, let’s discuss some of the major factors.

NIRF Ranking

Some of the factors used to determine the NIRF ranking include the faculty-to-student ratio, institute spending per student, Ph.D. facilities, the caliber of research papers, the number of Ph.D. students and Ph.D. professors at the institution, the caliber of exams, the percentage of students who graduate, and the perception of employability by industry. Candidates must take into account the college’s ranking when choosing an institution. The Ministry of Human Resources Development’s (MHRD) NIR is one of the principal organizations that students may rely on.
Regulating medical education and health professionals is a crucial component of health system governance. The National Medical Commission (NMC), which oversees MBBS colleges and programs nationwide, is in charge of preserving the standard of medical education. NMC rules and practices, whether they pertain to the accreditation of medical institutions, BDS, or MBBS admissions, have a significant impact on how medical education is managed in India.
Based on the requirements, selecting a college for MBBS requires careful thought. Candidates must take into account the eligibility requirements. For admissions purposes, state quotas reserve 85% of the seats for residents of the corresponding states. The NEET All India quota seats are open to all applicants, but they are a little more difficult to get than state quota seats. Some colleges have their own qualifying requirements in addition to those set forth by the relevant authorities.
Financial planning is crucial before entering medical school because the MBBS program is expensive. Prior to applicants starting their medical study, the financial planning procedure should get started as soon as possible. The cost of attending an MBBS college must be carefully considered before applying. Candidates should keep this factor in mind when selecting a college to pursue MBBS from the start.
A crucial component of medical education is practical experience. Selecting a college with a high patient flow is even more important because MBBS students begin clinical practice in their Anatomy class during the First Year. In government colleges, there is no shortage of patients, and most of them are overburdened.
Even a district government hospital can provide adequate clinical cases for MBBS students. This should be considered when selecting a private MBBS college. Poor patient flows affect numerous private medical colleges throughout various states, which sometimes prevents these institutions from offering MBBS programs. Candidates should look up the college’s history of debarment before choosing an MBBS school or completing a college choice form.
Apart from this, there are several factors to be considered when you have your friend or relative studying in the same college or in class.

Bad habits

Studying in the same college with friends or relatives might help for some time and might turn you bad sometimes. Not all your friends will have the same level of concentration as you do and some might ask or will spend more time in Social media and waste time.

Time Waste

Each person has their own perspectives, and having friends when you try to concentrate on your studies might lead to chaos. Discussing how to study when you are in a group and each one says each way, it’s utter tie waste and by then it is better to plan yourself and study individually.

More distractions

Though you might want to do something else during your college time, friends might come up with various plans and there is a lot of room for distractions.

Scheduling Problem

When you come up with a plan and schedule according to your wish and time. People will come up with their plan and include it in your schedule and spoil the whole plan. You will have less “me time” (alone time).

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