Safest countries to study medicine in 2023

Safest countries to study medicine in 2023

When you think about studying MBBS abroad, the first thing your parents would think about is your safety. High expense of Medical studies in India, has made it just a dream alone for many students, to overcome this the alternative is studying medicine abroad. There are many countries that offer medical studies for Indian students, and apart from selecting the best colleges abroad, it is essential to see how safe the country is for students who study.
Nowadays appeal of studying MBBS abroad has been the favorite choice for Indian students and has won many Indian Student’s hearts. However, choosing the right college and country is quite a difficult task among the sea of 195 nations worldwide which provides your medical course. We help you to choose the safest countries to pursue your dream MBBS course and overcome this challenge.
There are certain countries that are very safe for doing MBBS courses abroad. Let’s see the top 3 countries.


Australia is famously known for its mesmerizing architecture, open spaces, and kangaroos. Studying your dream MBBS in Australia will have multiple advantages such as world-class infrastructure, internationally recognized degrees, versatile teaching methods, and advanced technologies.

There are several cities that are safer to study MBBS and they are,

  1. Melbourne
  2. Sydney
  3. Brisbane
  4. Adelaide
  5. Perth
  6. Canberra
  7. Gold Coast
There are several other important factors that are beneficial to studying in Australia for the future of the students who finish their MBBS
Pursuing your dream MBBS in Australia will gain you a ton of experience globally, by which you will improve your communication skills and builds your network and develops cross-cultural skills and you will notice an increase of incredible standard of living.
  1. Out of the world’s top 100 universities, 6 of them are there in Australia.
  2. Of the 40 universities in Australia, Each university offers you a wide range of academic programs from which you can choose.
  3. Some academic institutions provide you with internships and some of them even provide you with paid employment options.
  4. Australian universities have produced more than 15 Nobel laureates. 
  5. Australia with a diverse population is home to more than 200 languages and dialects.
  6. Australia is home to 7 of the world’s most student-friendly cities.

New Zealand

New Zealand is becoming one of the most favorite places for students who wanted to do MBBS abroad. The cost of the MBBS in New Zealand is very affordable when compared with most countries and it also provides scholarships for foreign students on various grounds.
Several cities are safer to study MBBS and they are,
  1. Wellington
  2. Auckland
  3. Hamilton
  4. Christchurch
  5. Dunedin
There are several other important factors that are beneficial to studying in New Zealand for the future of the students who finish their MBBS
  1. Every year there are more than 1500 doctors join the medical broad.
  2. New Zealand provides you with smart classes, very attentive teachers, research-oriented projects, and unrivaled quality of education.
  3. New Zealand is considered to be the safest learning and teaching environment in the world. Internal student associations in the universities make sure t constantly monitor international students for their safety. 
  4. In New Zealand, 40% out of 17,500 students who are practicing doctors are international students. 
  5. International students who graduate from New Zealand earn five times more than the students who get graduated in India after completing their MBBS course.


Singapore universities offer you a six-year educational course for MBBS along with a year for an Internship. After the completion of the 5th year, each student is allotted to hospitals and medical centers. The medical universities have developed the course in such a way it is designed to help the students attain practical experience by practical training as a medical practitioner. The students who are learning through practical training, each student are individually monitored by the supervision of professional medical practitioners and doctors.
Several cities are safer to study MBBS and they are,
  1. Metro Manila
  2. North and Central Luzon
  3. South Luzon
  4. Visayas
  5. Mindanao
Several other important factors are beneficial to study in the Philippines for the future of the students who finish their MBBS
  1. The mode of teaching is English in all the universities in the Philippines and unlike in China and Russia, you don’t have to learn another language.
  2. The weather in the Philippines is as same as in India and this is a major advantage in the Philippines for Indian students. By which you do not have to adapt to a new climate. It also helps you as the infection range is as same in India and the patients who come with various issues are more similar to the patients who come in India, so diagnosing patients and the issues will not change after you return to India.
  3. More than around 10000 students come to the Philippines to study MBBS from different nations
  4. The nature of training in different streams is a specialty of the Philippines by which it stands very unique. It has total of 2180 advanced education establishments, which includes 1573 private foundations and 607 public foundations.
  5. The educational and hostel expenses is very affordable and there is no donation or capital fees is collected for the study Medicine (M.D) in the Philippines.

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