LOW NEET score? How to choose a medical college?

LOW NEET score? How to choose a medical college?

Neet is mandatory for all students who dream of choosing medicine as their career. Scoring high marks in NEET is very important to choose the right college for pursuing Medicine. Sometimes students score low marks in NEET and still, they have a chance to pursue Medicine in a good college. In this case, there may be quite some challenges. Let’s see how to select the right colleges.
Eligibility criteria are referred to as the requirements and conditions that each college authorities and various course authorities have according to how the candidate is selected for the seat in the institution. Medical Council of India which governs the MBBS studies have already come up with various qualifications requirements and they are several other typical qualifying criteria that almost other top medical colleges in Chennai and elsewhere may impose additional requirements. They are
There are several countries in which you can apply for MBBS with low NEEt scores and they are several things to be considered before placing the application form.
  1. Selecting the country is crucial because studying MBBS abroad can be quite expensive in some places while being very reasonable in others. When compared to other nations, the MBBS Course offered in Russia is regarded as the most advantageous and reasonably priced option. The MBBS Course in Russia offers very respectable educational standards, and its success rate has consistently been high.
  2. Similar to India, other countries likewise have affluent, developed parts as well as isolated regions. Selecting the right weather conditions in countries will not give you a chance of being homesick. There are some places with very hot weather, others with very cold weather, and some places with very safe weather. Consider the local weather when picking the best college, then make your decision after considering all the factors.
  3. Some medical schools that provide MBBS Courses have a designated furnished dorm, as well as Indian mess services and other benefits. It will give you access to a relaxing setting where all international students won’t experience homesickness. The Holi, Diwali, and Independence festivals can be celebrated by Indian students in some Russian universities, preventing them from feeling homesick. They also give them opportunities to perform on stage at campus events and display their abilities. 
  4. During All India Counselling, a lot of parents base their rankings of institutions in different states on the age of the medical college. This will bring in a significant impact on how well-regarded private medical schools are. When it comes to private medical colleges, make sure that the medical college does not have any debarment history. When it comes to medical colleges affiliated with recognized universities, you should look at the college’s founding year rather than the university’s. It is very important that the university status would only be granted upon the achievement of academic excellence, which requires a minimum of 25 years.
  5. To calculate the caliber of a medical college it is very important to have a look at the total number of MBBS seats available. The National Medical Commission (NMC) has regulations that outline the infrastructure, faculties, and resident doctors according to the available seats. To have a clearance of 150 MBBS seats, the hospital must have 300 beds and facilities along with a daily patient flow of 300 on average. 

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