Is the Internet the right tool for choosing medical colleges?

Is the Internet the right tool for choosing medical colleges?

MBBS is always been a dream for many students and selecting the right college is a quite challenging task. Now the main question is how to select the right college and by what means. These generations of students depend on the Internet for everything and for even selecting the college for their education.
Let us see whether choosing the right college over the Internet is the right way or not. The Internet is now piled up with many choices for everything and tons of information. Students believe the information blindly and take the decision.
There are six major factors that you need to consider when you use the internet for choosing a medical college.

1. Necessary Approval

When you have the list of colleges listed on the internet in your desired location, do not just blindly choose the colleges straight. It is very important to double-check the approvals given to the concerned colleges which you have selected. It is not just about the time you have invested it is also a huge amount of money that is involved in it, so it is very important to check about the approval.

2. Location

When it comes to selecting the right college for your dream course, the most important factor is the location of the college. When you browse through the internet and try to find the location of the college, it might not be clear always and it is better to visit the college in person and check for the location and the transport facilities to the college.

3. Fees Structure

Another major factor in studying MBBS is the fee structure and the total expenses involved in it. The college fees that are mentioned on the official site of the respective college sometimes do not get updated on the website and remain the same without the updated details. Rather than scrolling through the fee details on the internet, it is better to visit the college and know the details. The students can also check for any scholarships available in the college and can even check on any concessions if available. You can check for the criteria for the scholarships and the concession if you can avail of it.

4. Patient Flow

When selecting the right college for studying MBBS, you need to know the patient flow in the hospital associated with the college. The patient flow of the hospital is very important as you might do your internship in the hospital associated with the college you study. Though the official website will have the patient flow mentioned on the website, it is very important to pay a visit to the college and the hospital to check the patient flow in the hospital. When you have a high patient flow in the hospital, you will get experience with various cases and how to handle them.

5. Number of PG Course and current students

Make sure to look at the number of PG courses available in the college that you have selected. The website will have the details of the PG courses available in the college but still, it is advisable to check for yourself in the college. Checking the PG curse details such as the fees, Duration of the course, etc. The current student’s strengths of the college will explain themselves for the glory of the college. Get to know from the current students pursuing their MBBS course in the college you have selected about the course and the faculty members in the college. Get detailed information about the culture how the courses are conducted and the medium of the course and so on.

6. Alumni’s Association and Placement Department

The college website will have the successful alumni candidates posted on their site. Make sure to visit the college and check for the alumni’s association, because when the student who is currently pursuing their education comes up with any issues the alumni’s association can help them with better solutions. The pride of the college lies in how strongly the placement department of the college acts. Check for the history of the placement that happened in the college over the past years.


It is very easy and convenient to check for the details of the college over the Internet but it is very advisable to check the details by visiting the college which will give you a clear and detailed picture of the college. You will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the college.

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